Sunday, September 6, 2015

Thiago Silva Call Di Maria Up Class If to PSG

The ball Trusted Sports-News reported, PSG defender Thiago Silva and the Brazilian national team to give his views on the transfer of Angel Di Maria. PSG step again will get Di Maria from Manchester United. Later even appeared several photos showing that Di Maria was in Doha to undergo a medical with PSG. United were willing to lose a little to release the Argentine national team players. Silva mentions that Di Maria has been taking the right steps to join PSG. According to him, Di Maria has been 'first class' with the transfer. According to Silva, PSG only lost to Barcelona and Real Madrid. "I think now people have had to honor the PSG as one of the biggest clubs in Europe. Real Madrid and Barcelona may still be at a higher level. But if you join PSG, means you've already taken a step further, "said Silva.

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