Sunday, September 6, 2015

Williams Want Consistent After Pause

The ball Trusted Sports-News reported, Tim Williams could provide a serious challenge to Mercedes and Scuderia Ferrari in the competitive Formula One (F1) in 2015. However, their performance is still erratic alias heaving, because downforce their FW37 car is not like other teams. "I think we all see us (Williams) difficulties in the long turn, when you spend a lot of time in turn, that's when we lose. We had trouble getting a high downforce level as the other teams, that's the problem, "said the Williams driver, Valtteri Bottas. Similar complaints expressed by fellow Bottas, Felipe Massa. However racer passports Brazilian believes his team can end up and down the performance of the current back half of the second season competing in F1 in Belgium on August 23, 2015. "I do not think the race is happening in Hungary took place in each race. We are very strong in the last race (in English), fighting for the podium, even for first place, "he added. "We have to understand. We still have a circuit that weaken us in Singapore, so we must do everything to be competitive. But we have a lot of other tracks which was good for us, "he said.

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