Thursday, July 23, 2015

Follow Rossi Style Racing Marquez

Trusted Sport-New reported, Age sometimes be a limiting factor in a person's career, but the assumption was already no longer exists in the dictionary Valentino Rossi. Because nine times world champion is able to perform competitively and father Graziano Rossi was impressed with the owner achievement number 46 in the MotoGP race this season. Growing from a family who like to race, Rossi is not necessarily easy to obtain the consent of both parents when the 36-year-old man chose to pursue the iron horse racing. But thanks to his diligence and forge the science of Graziano, he was transformed like a reliable driver. Noted, nine titles, 110 victories and 201 podium has been successfully achieved by the owner of the 46 numbers. Rossi said Stefania role and Graziano (the parent) is behind its success over the years. Because they always take the time each child his favorite performing in motor racing event since 1996. In short, give a little glimpse of Graziano linked the success achieved by his son, saying that his motivation and maturity in conquering the racetrack is one of the keys to success. Even without shame Rossi willing to learn from other drivers maneuver force, such as Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo.

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