Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Becky Hammon Could Be Open New History NBA

Trusted Sport-New report, In the next few seasons is quite possible there are women who became head coach of the NBA team. Becky Hammon an opportunity to write history after he led the San Antonio Spurs a champion in Summer League. Hammon has been the last two seasons so the assistant Gregg Popovich, San Antonio Spurs. 38 years old, she is the second woman who was assistant coach of the NBA, but so are the first to hold the position full-time status. Women's full name Rebecca Hammon was so warm conversation media throughout the United States this summer. Designated as the primary trainer for the Spurs Summer League, Hammon brilliantly led his team into champions. The success of Hammon then championed could be the main coach of the NBA team in the future. Hammon is considered a flight hours is more than enough to become an NBA head coach. Currently active as a player, Hammon played for the New York Liberty and San Antonio Stars and collected six cicin WNBA champions plus two times in the WNBA First Team. "You know, it becomes (news) is great when we signed him and now even greater because of what happened in the Summer League. But we do not think about it. We signed him not as a gimmick, but it is a step in the right direction," said Popovich. Hammon start close to the San Antonio Spurs after he suffered a severe injury and had to undergo a healing for one year. In the process it Hammon rehalibitasi often come to the training sessions, coaches meetings, and matches the Spurs. He then began frequently invited to give an opinion.

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