Monday, July 27, 2015

Dorna Want to See seriousness Indonesia

Trusted Sport-New report, Indonesia has long been considered to have a substantial market share to hold a MotoGP race in 2017. Homeland society fanaticism against the mat iron horse no doubt, but the question is now whether the government is capable of speeding repair Sentul Circuit considered Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta, still has a number of shortcomings. Indonesia is not the only country that wants to enliven the MotoGP stage in 2017, because there are some countries are scrambling included in the calendar for the year. Brazil, Thailand and India. But as I've said two-wheel sport Head of the Provincial Board (Pengprov) Association of Motor Indonesia (IMI), West Java, Sony Muhammad Heryadi earlier that if Indonesia wants to obtain official permission entered the MotoGP calendar in 2017 in Sentul, then there must be a complete overhaul of the circuits never worn also become one of the series in the 1997 MotoGP season. According to him, quite heavy if Sentul Circuit should be a world-class motor racing venue. According to him, Sentul were in grade 3 ratings International Motor Racing Federation (FIM). To be able to hold a MotoGP circuit this should rise to the level of grade 1. "Sentul is now only used for racing championship 250cc class and the 600cc class standard. If there is no improvement in total will be difficult, especially now only FIM inadequate safety," said Sony. Currently, Indonesia has opened talks with a number of renowned designers such as Hermann Tilke and Jarno Zafarelli. Maybe it was one of the government's seriousness in realizing the dream of the iron horse racing lovers see their hero paved in the country. However, Ezpeleta has not been able to confirm the participation of Indonesia in the 2017 MotoGP calendar. The reason, the Dorna boss should see the proposals submitted by the government of Indonesia.

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