Thursday, July 30, 2015

Abdennour US president Bill Promise Monaco To Move to Barcelona

Trusted Sport-New reported, Aymen Abdennour once again confirmed that he was eager to defend Barcelona, ??although he was aware that the final decision regarding the fate himself in the hands of the president of AS Monaco. Abdennour included in the transfer radar Blaugrana this summer, after he performed beautifully in Ligue 1 last season. Earlier, the Tunisian players has openly said he is ready to play and be part of the squad Camp Nou. "The president promised me that I could go if there is an opportunity like this to come. I believe that he will fulfill his promise. But I am not going to start a conflict with the club or something," said Abdennour. "I said that I wanted to go to a club. That's fair, but I am now still a player in Monaco. I kept practicing and felt fine. I want to continue to focus and all the decisions are in the hands of the president. I have a contract until 2019, I remain calm, "he concluded.

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