Monday, July 20, 2015

Carl Frampton Vows to Perform Explode

Trusted Sport-New report, Defending champion boxing IBF super bantamweight Carl Frampton, promised to shut the mouth of Mexican boxer, Alejandro Gonzalez Jr. when both are united in the ring Don Haskin Center, El Paso, Texas, United States. In its duel seizure belt, Frampton explosive promise to appear in the first place he touched. "El Paso is a great boxing city and many people love it. I know Gonzales big and more far-reaching than me. I think he'll keep it. He is young, hungry, in a good development. I expect there will be an interesting duel , "he said. "If I can fight well, I will be able to cope with him. I want to explode inside and not that I underestimate him. It was no difference in the duel this time. In fact I must find an opponent with similar training," he added. Duel later can be regarded as a mega duel bantamweight boxing, because both fighters records flashy enough. If Frampton unbeaten throughout his career of 20 times duel, Gonzalez lost only once and two draws from 28 times last fight.

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