Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Remains Monza F1 title

Trusted Sport-New report, Italian Monza circuit next year is likely to remain in the calendar of Formula 1. It is known from a conversation between Governor Lombardy, Roberto Maroni with F1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone. "After trying hard, finally we still have a chance to hold the race in the next year. Decision making our tax exempt can close a deal with Ecclestone host. Hopefully this agreement can be inaugurated in September, coinciding with the Monza GP," said Maroni. Monza Circuit contract would expire this year. Ecclestone initially reluctant to continue to work because he objected to the rental price is pegged manager. The rental price is influenced by the high value of existing taxes in the Lombardy region, Italy. But a few months ago the local government has delivered Monza from the obligation to pay taxes. So that next year, the F1 will be back in action on the track along the 4.2 km. "Monza is Monza. Grand Prix Formula 1 must remain held here," said Maroni.

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