Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Can Lorenzo Jersey Brazilian national team of Fans in Brazil

Trusted Sport-New reported, MotoGP rider from Movistar Team Yamaha, Jorge Lorenzo had a unique experience when undergoing a half holiday season. Spanish nationality the rider chose a visit to Brazil to greet fans. During his visit, Lorenzo not only received rave reviews from fans in the land of Samba. He also had the opportunity to take home a full Brazilian national team jersey with the number 99 who became kebangaannya when the race. Lorenzo arrival to the country's football is actually not related to the round leather. He came as an ambassador for Yamaha who want to introduce a brand-new motor YZF-R3. "R3 is an amazing motor and has a good handle, especially in the corners. The engine is impressive. Yamaha have worked hard to create this bike," said Lorenzo. For your information, this is the first time Lorenzo visit to Brazil in the next 11 years. After the return of the country's football, Lorenzo should be prepared ahead of diving race at the Indianapolis GP 8-10 August 2015.

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