Sunday, September 6, 2015

Podolski Still Pray Inter Success in Season Home

The ball Trusted Sports-News reported, Lukas Podolski seems to still have a good impression about Inter Milan. He did not forget to pray for his former club to be successful while undergoing season Serie A new competition. The German player could defend Inter for six months in the second half of last season on loan. However adventures in Italy apparently did not run successfully. The former Arsenal player has the opportunity to face Inter Galatasaray defeated Roberto Mancini in the test match at Turk Telekom Arena, Istanbul, on Monday (03/8). Podolski creating assists on a single goal victory of his team who scored another former Inter player Wesley Sneijder. Although never failed to shine along with the Nerazzurri, but Podolski still expect the best for the club belongs to Erick Thohir. "What would I say to Inter? Good luck for the new season. They are a good team because they have great fans and a fantastic stadium, "said Podolski.

Official Rafael Joining Lyon

The ball Trusted Sports-News reported, former Manchester United defender from Brazil, Rafael, reinforce one of the official Ligue 1, Olympique Lyon. By doing so, he officially end the trip sweetness with United for eight seasons, from the year 2008. As reported, with the club last season to finish in second, Rafael was awarded a contract for four years. Club president Jean-Michel Aulas, revealed that on Monday (02/8) yesterday, 25-year-old player has medarat in France to complete all transfer process. Rafael previously heavily rumored to be away from Old Trafford. Matteo Darmian advent of Torino recently, adding to speculation that the position of the Brazilian national team player is going to be threatened.

Skrtel Not Want Liverpool Slaughtered Again By Stoke

The ball Trusted Sports-News reported, Defender Liverpool, Martin Skrtel feel confident ahead of the passing of the new Premier League season. Skrtel believes that kekuatanThe Reds had further increased compared to previous seasons. Brendan Rodgers troops undergo ago with a disappointing 2014/15 season. Liverpool even had to close the season with a crushing 6-1 defeat of Stoke City so had to settle for sixth. Rodgers this summer to clean up seriously by bringing a number of new players. Skrtel was optimistic that his team will not return to undergo a disappointing game again when they travel to the headquarters of Stoke in the Premier League opener. "I am pretty sure we will be stronger and better this time. We have to forget the last game and start all over again, "said Skrtel. "You can not choose your opponent in the first game. You have to accept it. We had to start the season at home against so we have to make sure to go to Stoke with the initial well and have different results. "

No bids Interesting, Higuain averse Contract Signature Anyar from Napoli

The ball Trusted Sports-News reported, Pemyerang national team of Argentina, Gonzalo Higuain, reportedly rejected the offer of a new contract offered by Napoli him. The facts presented by the brother and agent of Higuain, Nicolas Higuain. In a statement, the Higuain reluctant to accept a new contract for one year. However, he stressed that there are no plans to move from Naples. "We met with the President Aurelio De Laurentiis Venice 10 days ago," he said. "We talked about everything. He offered a new contract with a duration of one season ,. But we think we have to keep up with our original contract which will expire in 2018, "said Nicolas. Furthermore, he said that if the offer was the same as usual bids. "There is no difference in the contract that we have agreed before, so for us it is not an attractive offer," he said.

Thiago Silva Call Di Maria Up Class If to PSG

The ball Trusted Sports-News reported, PSG defender Thiago Silva and the Brazilian national team to give his views on the transfer of Angel Di Maria. PSG step again will get Di Maria from Manchester United. Later even appeared several photos showing that Di Maria was in Doha to undergo a medical with PSG. United were willing to lose a little to release the Argentine national team players. Silva mentions that Di Maria has been taking the right steps to join PSG. According to him, Di Maria has been 'first class' with the transfer. According to Silva, PSG only lost to Barcelona and Real Madrid. "I think now people have had to honor the PSG as one of the biggest clubs in Europe. Real Madrid and Barcelona may still be at a higher level. But if you join PSG, means you've already taken a step further, "said Silva.

Williams Want Consistent After Pause

The ball Trusted Sports-News reported, Tim Williams could provide a serious challenge to Mercedes and Scuderia Ferrari in the competitive Formula One (F1) in 2015. However, their performance is still erratic alias heaving, because downforce their FW37 car is not like other teams. "I think we all see us (Williams) difficulties in the long turn, when you spend a lot of time in turn, that's when we lose. We had trouble getting a high downforce level as the other teams, that's the problem, "said the Williams driver, Valtteri Bottas. Similar complaints expressed by fellow Bottas, Felipe Massa. However racer passports Brazilian believes his team can end up and down the performance of the current back half of the second season competing in F1 in Belgium on August 23, 2015. "I do not think the race is happening in Hungary took place in each race. We are very strong in the last race (in English), fighting for the podium, even for first place, "he added. "We have to understand. We still have a circuit that weaken us in Singapore, so we must do everything to be competitive. But we have a lot of other tracks which was good for us, "he said.