Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Djokovic Try Slide Record John McEnroe

Trusted Sport-New report, if the name of Novak Djokovic, it may be appropriate predicate tastes best players pinned him. Because the Serb just broke the record as a player in the modern era were able to survive in the throne of world number one for 56 weeks. Based on the latest ATP rankings released on Monday (7/27/2015), Djokovic still perched on top of the world tennis men with points 13, 845, followed by Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Stanislas Wawrinka and Kei Nishikori in the top five positions. The note made it a record-equaling Nadal in the 2010 season when it can last for 56 weeks. These results also make Djokovic has been in power for 157 weeks when in season 2011 and 2012, he was able to survive for 53 and 48 weeks. Not only that, the 28-year-old official also shifted Nadal in the list of players who are able to survive at the top of longest after the last 302 weeks Federer, Pete Sampras 286 weeks, 270 weeks Ivan Lendl, Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe 268 week for 170 weeks , Djokovic will likely shift the position McEnroe two weeks. Because the distance between Djokovic and Federer points adrift far enough where the Swiss only collected 9.665 points. The next tournament that presents many points in just the US Open, the end of August.

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