Thursday, July 30, 2015

Create Ulah, Victor Ortiz Arrested Police

Trusted Sport-New reported, former boxing world champion welterweight, Victor Ortiz California Police arrested after engaging in a fight and found to be misusing firearms in the event of a music concert. Police California stated, Ortiz with his brother, Temoc got into a fight that stems from an argument when the center of country music concert 'Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean' at the Rose Bowl Stadium, California. According to witnesses, Ortiz had threatened his opponent with a firearm. "According to witnesses at the scene, Ortiz asked a man lying down while threatening her with weapons. Ortiz also kicked the man," according to the California police. Ortiz is then secured to the police station threatened the coated article misuse of firearms and violence in public places. Not yet known exactly how long the boxer was arrested, but Ortiz certainly pay a fine of $ 30 thousand, or about 400 million. Ortiz was last up the ring in December 2014 when he beat Manuel Perez with a TKO decision at the third round.

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