Monday, July 20, 2015

Anthony Crolla Optimistic reaches Victory After Robbery Incident

Trusted Sport-New reported, Anthony Crolla ready to undergo debut robber assault after the incident, the fight Darley Perez. The 28-year-old boxer promised to finish the dark story with a happy ending, which won the duel race for the WBA light heavyweight belt. Duel against Perez will be the first for Crolla after he was on the verge of a career. The reason, he had suffered serious head injuries in the attack late last robbers. Manchester City return of the original boxers into the ring apparently welcomed by the local public. Noted, 5,000 people packed the place Crolla and Perez underwent weigh procession before competing. That makes Crolla, which rose after a call by Sir Alex Ferguson, has promised to win the duel later. "I was too scared to think of life without boxing. It is the biggest part of my life and there will be a huge void without him," said Crolla. "I've been surprised by the presence of all the investigators and I've been overwhelmed by it. That's why I want to thank these people to come back to win the title," he continued.

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