Thursday, July 23, 2015

Triple G Will Face Ward For Heating

Trusted Sport-New reported, super middleweight boxer Unbeaten Andre Ward, reportedly eyeing Gennady Golovkin name as heating opponent before challenging Sergey Kovalev. Tom Loeffler call, Ward ready to deal with Golovkin in the fall or the end of this year. Loeffler reveals Ward and Golovkin ready to hold duel at a neutral venue. Golovkin election turns out as stock preparation Ward rose to light heavyweight to challenge Kovalev. "Nicknamed GGG Golovkin will face Ward in a 50:50 (neutral). Boxer weighing 160 pounds, the best against the best boxer 164 pounds. The results will be shared 50:50 fight. But it seems Ward need other things," explained promoter Golovkin , This is reinforced by a report from ESPN reporter Dan Rafael who got word of the Ward. He confirmed, Ward was eyeing Golovkin. "The exercise Ward told me, today their preferences are challenging GGG nicknamed Golovkin- this autumn to then challenge Kovalev. It was quite reasonable. Ward did not go up to the light heavyweight class (light weight) and again faced with GGG . So the face GGG in any class and then moved to the 175 class pounds (79.4 kg), "he said.

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