Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sampson: Bassett 'an absolute hero' despite own goal

Coach Mark Sampson called Laura Bassett "an absolute hero" after the defender scored an own goal to eliminate England on Wednesday. Sampson said: "It really is heartbreaking. I think we have to first and foremost congratulate the players for an incredible tournament. Laura Bassett's name is on that scoresheet but she has epitomised the team. She has been courageous, strong and she doesn't deserve that. She is a hero, an absolute hero, that is how she will be remembered.” As pointed by Sport-New The coach added: "I've told them it's OK to cry, they left everything on the field and it's a really tough way to go out. I'm so proud of them. We came here as a huge underdog with the weight of a nation on our back. We had critics and they have inspired a nation and they deserve to go home as heroes."

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